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eowyn lotr lord of the rings illustration gouache


Still working on gouache sketches!

I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy again recently and had to do some fan art. I’m missing the Extended Edition DVDs I left in Paris. Watching the theatrical version is weird… I miss you, mouth of Sauron!

Still using my Winsor and Newton Designer’s Gouache Introductory Set. I used pastels in there too, so I had to set it with some Krylon workable fixative. It darkens the colors a bit but it makes the painting look glossy and fancy!

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Game of Thrones is back!

daenerys khaleesi drogon dragon designers gouache winsor newton moleskine watercolour notebook album

Watched the first episode of season 6 yesterday and wanted to do a gouache sketch of Daenerys.

I bought a Designer’s Gouache Introductory Set from Winsor and Newton a week ago and have since tried to do some quick drawings with it. I also grabbed a Moleskine Watercolour Album to sketch in, because I put a lot of pressure on myself when trying to work on expensive watercolour paper. I hope that a sketchbook will help me to work more loosely and to try new things without getting a panic attack!

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Love hurts

The other day one of my cats had to get her butt cleaned. She sensed something was off and freaked out when I grabbed her. It was a bloody business.

I was compelled to draw a map of my suffering.


cat markers illustration drawing

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Ramen deliciousness

For the first time in my life, I’m living in a place where I can walk 3 minutes and eat the best ramen ever! I love Montreal!

Yokato Yokabai Ramen copic marker markers illustration

If you wanna read more about Yokato Yokabai and see some pictures, you can read this post on my Canada blog!

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Artists I love: Frannerd

The other day I was stumbling through twitter and found myself on the page of the Colour Collective. The theme of the week was “pink”. I just thought to myself “how many challenges are you gonna follow?” and I went on with my life.

But it came back to me. I never use pink, I have never been a huge fan of pink, when I was younger I even hated it, but in the past few years I have come to like it. Especially pastel pinks.

One person who made me realise how pretty pink can be is Frannerd.

Her real name is Fran Meneses and the first time I saw her work was through her amazing Youtube channel. I was looking for videos about watercolors.

Her style is so simple but really sweet and expressive. I love her watercolor illustrations, but she often uses markers as well.

Looking at those just makes me happy!

She is also producing awesome quality vlogs with her husband and gives great tips for illustrators. She just seems to be a lovely person! I would say you should definitely check out her work!


Where can you find her?

Twitter: http://twitter.com/frannerd
Facebook: http://facebook.com/frannerd
Instagram: http://instagram.com/frannerd
Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/frannerd
Tumblr: http://frannerd.tumblr.com/
Blog: http://www.frannerd.cl/blog


I did end up doing an illustration for the Colour Collective challenge, with a little nod to Fran’s style.

frannerd fran meneses fanart Colour Collective pink

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Drawing Vintage Style: The 1920s

Who doesn’t love to watch period dramas and marvel at the amazing dresses women wore throughout the ages? I know I do! I also like to draw ladies in vintage attire. That is however easier said than done, because I don’t always know the “fashion codes” of the century I am trying to depict. There is a lot of research to be done in order to be even close to historically correct.

This is why I wanted to introduce some vintage style cheat sheets containing the basic knowledge you should have about fashion codes throughout the centuries. I hope that this will help you to draw characters (or just recognize silhouettes) that belong to certain time periods without doing hours of research!

I am going to start with the 1920s.

This period is fascinating to me. The clothing, the accessories, the hair… what’s not to love? I have taken some charleston classes and my wedding’s theme was the roaring 20s, so I did A LOT of research about this decade.

Since the beginning of the modern age, people’s lifestyle is changing very quickly. Cars, subways, bicycles… women needed to be able to move freely and ditched corsets for the first time in centuries. The dresses were getting shorter, the hair too. It is still a very wearable style, in my humble opinion!

This clip from the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie, starring the lovely Julie Andrews, shows Millie’s transition from a perfect little 1910s girl to a cool cat from the 20s!



drawing illustration fashion guide 1920s tutorial gastby style rules



If you want to see 20s style in motion you can check out the following movies:
The Great Gatsby
Some Like It Hot
Midnight in Paris
The Artist
Magic in the Moonlight
Charlie Chaplin movies

and TV shows:
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (the costumes are AMAZING!)
Downton Abbey (seasons 3 to 6)
Boardwalk Empire

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